Thermoregulation & Recovery
Salewa Responsive recycles heat into infrared energy
using thermoreactive minerals.
For increased thermoregulation and faster recovery.

Winter in the mountains poses particular demands on apparel, footwear and equipment, such as sleeping bags. We invest heavily in research and development to engineer the best technical solutions that distinguish our products from other market offers. We continue to pursue our successful mountain hybrid  approach to design, combining heritage and tradition with best-in-class performance technology.

Now, we are launching a game-changing smart fabric technology platorm that is currently the only insulation solution on the market that recycles energy back to the body. For Fall/Winter 2020 it will be available in the following versions: AlpineWool® Responsive, TirolWool® Responsive, Durastretch Responsive,  Powertex Responsive and Polarlite Responsive.

On select winter shells, we apply Responsive as a fabric print to add a layer of reac/ve insula/on, for example with the new Sella Responsive Jacket.
We use the same technique on the lining fabric of our new sleeping bags, such as the Diadem line to promote beNer sleep and recovery. In our
winter alpine pants, we combine Responsive yarns with our proprietary Durastretch softshell to provide enhanced thermoregula/on. See for example the
Zebru Responsive Pant. And for enhanced thermoregulation, we blend Responsive yarns with natural AlpineWool® to produce our thermoreactive Responsive Zebru baselayers and TirolWool® technical insulation styles, such as the Ortles Hybrid Jacket. In addi/on, we add Responsive yarns to the insula/ng wool lining of our new Mountain Trainer 2 Winter GTX models.

What is Responsive?
Responsive contains a blend of naturally-occurring, thermoreactive minerals. The active particles are blended to make a master batch, which is applied as a fabric print or loaded into high-performance synthetic fibres which are combined with other yarns to make unique hybrid fabrics for specific activities.

How does it work?
The blend of natural minerals in Responsive absorbs the heat your body emits and recycles it into infrared light. Think of the way that a south-facing rock face stores energy from the sun and then gradually releases it over time. During periods of ac/vity, this penetrates deep into muscle tissue, resulting in greater energy, more efficient thermoregula/on, increased blood flow, enhanced cellular performance and higher oxygen levels, which in turn improves physical performance and cognitive focus. During rest periods, infrared light enhances microcirculation, making the user feel warmer and more comfortable. It also reduces muscle fatigue and promotes faster recovery